3x40ft office cargo container house

3x40ft office cargo container house can be designed three rows of desks, two rows of desks with one bathroom.

Office cargo container house is made by galvanized steel frame and sandwich panel. This is 20-foot flat pack container house. The internal partition is made by sandwich panels. Its interior layout can be flexibly adjusted.

 3x40ft office container house2 3x40ft office container house3x40ft office container house1


Easy transportation. And each side has four holes for hoisting. The crane can easily lift the office container.

Advanced drainage technology. Especially designed drainage channels direct rainwater away from weatherproof seals, further ensuring long waterproof service. The water is further directed into downspouts, where collection tanks can be connected.

Easy installation. We will provide installation video. What’s more we can send our staff to help installation and engineer to guide the installation.


These units offer superior sealing performance, they are lightweight, so are readily transportable and relocatable, shock resistant and very stable. They are well insulated against heat and sound, reducing energy consumption and ensuring optimal occupant comfort no matter the site conditions.



Site offices

Management offices on site

Open plan offices

Divided office in same unit

Office block where a few units are combined together